School Garden Program

School gardens have an impact on students, without a doubt.  Studies have shown that students who participate in school gardens score higher across all subject areas.  Students show an increase in their self-esteem, sense of responsibility and ability to work with groups.  Finally, garden program participants have a more positive attitude toward vegetables and an increase in their willingness to try them and make better food choices.

Want to see this kind of impact at your school? Smart Sprout can help, from creating a physical design for your garden and recommending plant choices to supplying the curriculum.  We offer consulting for those just beginning to plan their program to help you make smarter choices right from the beginning.

Contact us about our school garden program services:

  • School garden design
  • Program consulting and sustainability measures
  • Garden curriculum
  • Program extension activities and tips
  • Program assessment procedures
  • Coaching for teachers on curriculum integration of gardens
  • Training for volunteers on safety, maintenance and class assistance
Design plan for school garden

Design plan for preschool garden